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Christmas presents exchanging

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The 2020 holiday season has arrived and it’s going to be a doozy, due to the pandemic, but we’re here to help you get through it as painlessly as possible.

If you’re exchanging presents on Christmas despite the blow to the economy, we’ve got a few affordable items you can gift your girlfriend this year. Now, a lot of people feel like shopping for women is particularly difficult, but there are a couple hacks to picking out the perfect gift for your lady love. First of all, you’ve got to know at least a little something about what your girl enjoys — is she a big music buff? Into beauty? How about self-care? Is maxing and relaxing her foremost concern?

Even if you don’t exactly have the answers to any of these questions (shame on you), there are some brands you just can’t go wrong with because they’ve got a little something for every kind of woman. Many of the go-to labels listed below will for sure put a smile on your lady’s face. The trick is you’ve got to personalize them in some way. Whether the actual gift speaks to who she is as a person, brings you closer as a couple, or you simply include a card that says why you chose that particular item, feeling like you put some thought into her present will have her singing your praises.

Aw girl, you know Davon so thoughtful…. hehe.

Also: wrap the doggone gift. For a hilarious but inviting touch, consider The Manly Man Company‘s new Bacon-Scented Gift Wrapping Paper. It’ll run you just $19.95 and email subscribers get 10% off. Check it out here.

1. For Black Royalty is FULL of gems and after a tumultuous year like this, any melanated baddie would appreciate a gift that celebrates her Black womanhood. If you subscribe to the site, you’ll get 10% off tees, home decor, mugs, and more — mind you, their products aren’t expensive to begin with. Head over and take a look!!

2. For The Skin-Obsessed

I really don’t know a woman who isn’t all about great skin. Even if they’re not into beauty, per say, chances are your lady will enjoy must-have products that leave you feeling hydrated and refreshed. Thankfully, The Ordinary has several products for various skin concerns and most are just under $10. Cop a few and pair it with a delicious fragrance,  or a cute eyeshadow palette from Colourpop Cosmetics, for the gift basket effect.

3. For The Makeup Maven

If you guessed Fenty would make this list, you guessed right. As a general rule of thumb: girls love Rihanna. Not to mention, her sought-after products really are just that good. Head over to the site and take your pick.  

4. For The Lingerie Lover

Rihanna’s also got you covered on the lingerie side of things. From super sexy undergarments to playful accessories, Savage x Fenty will make for a fun and flirty gift. Not to mention, there are a bunch of products for the girls who simply like to keep it cute and comfy.

5. For The Comfy Queen

A personalized robe isn’t a bad idea, especially during the pandemic. Since we’re spending so much time at home, it’s more important than ever to feel great in our space. Get your girl a quality faux fur Pottery Barn robe and some slippers to match. Or, splurge a little more and deep dive on a comforter set.

6. For The Shoe Fanatic

When it comes to quality and style, Simmi never disappoints — and they’re having an awesome sale right now. From fuzzy slippers to trendy heels, they’ve got an impressive inventory across the board. But put your order in NOW, as shipping from London to the United States can take some time. 

7. For The Art Enthusiast

El Carna is one of my personal favorites. The way the Ghanaian artist combines Black beauty, love, and fantasy is breathtaking. His prints are affordable and top-tier quality. Head over to his Instagram to check out his work. 

8. For The Organizing Madwoman

If your girl drools over the idea of planning and keeping every aspect of her life as organized as possible, this is the perfect gift for her. Not only are Erin Condren products personalized to your taste, they’re fun, colorful, and not many people have them. Make your OCD lady lover a trendsetter this holiday season and she’ll never forget you.

9. & One Final Gem…

Urban Outfitters’ lifestyle section is full of cool and unusual items that make perfect gifts. From vinyl records and cassettes to fun games, polaroid cameras, ring lights, and more, UO boasts a whole host of products you’ll have a hard time choosing from. Don’t say you weren’t warned!