London Brown, Malcolm Mays & Hailey Kilgore Talk About Their Character’s Journeys In Season 3 of ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’


Power Book III: Raising Kanan’s stars Hailey Kilgore, London Brown, and Malcolm Mays discuss their characters’ journeys, the ever-evolving relationship between Jukebox and her father Marvin, and more with CassiusLife

Season 3 of Power Book III: Rasing Kanan is in full swing, and we have already spoken with showrunner Sascha Penn, Joey Bada$$, and Grantham Coleman about this season’s new villain, Ronnie plus MeKai Curtis and Antonio Ortiz about Kanan and Famous as a drug dealing duo in the Power Universe.

CassiusLife also chopped it up with Hailey Kilgore, Malcolm Mays, and London Brown about their characters journeys from season 2 into season 3 and more.

London Brown Reflects On Marvin’s Evolving Relationship With Jukebox

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

At the end of season 2, Marvin was coming to grips with the fact that he was doing a terrible job as a dad to Jukebox. He has seen the error of his ways this season thanks to court-mandated therapy and some soul-searching.

“Well, I think part of the major factor in all of this is the fact that Marvin wasn’t there early on in Jukebox’s life, which causes some strain within their relationship in season 1, to getting the therapy and then going ultimately to trying to become the other extreme of himself, which is super dad, ” Brown begins.

He continues, “I think it was important for Marvin to make sure he put the effort in with his daughter. I think a lot of times when we hear these stories about, you see the dad being absent from the daughter’s life, and then the parent finds himself trying to say, ‘Well, I was waiting on if you really loved me, if you needed me, why didn’t you ask me’ when it really should have been in reverse. When it’s the parents should say, ‘Yo, I messed up. What do you need from me?’ And I think Marvin is trying to do that in the way that he’s trying to do it. Not necessarily the politically correct way, sometimes overstepping because he’s trying to compensate for all the lack that he had earlier on, but we kind of see that happening for them, for Marvin.

Hailey Kilgore On Says Jukebox Likes Her Dad On The Low

Power Book III: Raising Kanan

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We spoke with Hailey Kilgore before season 2’s premiere, and she revealed that she and Brown didn’t talk to help add an emotional scene between herself and Brown.

That wasn’t the case this season, as Jukebox’s relationship with her dad is getting better but still remains a work in progress.

“I remember our conversation that we had, and I was like, “Man, London wouldn’t even talk to me. I’m sad.” Yeah, no,” Kilgore tells CassiusLife, adding, “And now I remember that first day that we were really together, and I went up and gave him a hug, and he was like, ‘oh, hello. It’s a beautiful shift. It’s so complicated, man.’ I wish for everyone that it could be as black and white as, like, oh, it was really rough, and now they’re great. I wish. I really wish that that could be the case.”

And I think the cool thing about this season… is you see that they both start to have to grieve the same things at the same time.

She continues, “But it’s so complex. It’s such a complex relationship. And I think the cool thing about this season, without going too far for the two of them, is you see that they both start to have to grieve the same things at the same time. And they start experiencing things together in real-time in a way that we have never seen. And so they realized that they may be more like each other than they realized. I think Jukebox tried not to like her dad. I think she really, really does. I think she’s kind of cool. She thinks he’s kind of cool. She will never say that. You’ll never hear her say that.”

Malcolm Mays Apologizes For Uncle Lou’s Rollercoaster Journey This Season

Malcolm Mays Apologizes To Fans For Lou's Season 3 Journey

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Uncle Lou’s life is on a downward spiral that began in season 2 when he made the decision that his music career was more important than his life on the streets.

Unfortunately, things don’t get any better in season 3, and Malcolm Mayes is apologizing to fans of his character for what they are about to see as the season progresses.

I think that it’s important to see people of color who we thought were so put together not coping properly because that informs us that there are no superheroes.

“Honestly, I feel bad for the fans because Sasha’s writing such a rich character, and that was such a political answer, such a rich character. But really, what it means is he’s just dragging this boy, ” Mays says. “He’s dragging this man. I know that the audience had formed this relationship and idea of him because Sasha planned to put the audience through a rollercoaster because they set him up as this clean-cut, always reliable guy. And he’s just corroded that because of the corrosion of his spirit that’s taken place because of all the things that have occurred that they are doing that is not supposed to be done by human beings. And so now it is just come to roost on his psyche. He’s not all the way there. He’s not coping properly. And I think that it’s important to see people of color who we thought were so together and so put together not coping properly because that informs us that there are no superheroes. We’re all humans. And this is what your journey may look like.”

but when you in here, everything feel like it’s life or death.

He continues, ” And I’m downplaying it a lot because I don’t want to give away the reveal of what happens, but it gets really dark for my man, and I’m making fun of him because it’s uncomfortable, right? It’s like we do know people who are going through it like that, and maybe the stakes aren’t as high, but when you in here, everything feel like it’s life or death. When you don’t feel right in here, you don’t look good to yourself in the mirror. It just doesn’t help. And so when you say, “What am I looking forward to the audience?”, I feel bad for the audience because if you care about this character, you’re going to have a rough one. It’s going to be rough and you just have, either you riding with the character or not because it’s going to be tough to watch.”

Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 3 is currently pushing on. You can check out the rest of the interview, where we also talked about the cast’s favorite social media reactions above.

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