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Beautiful flowers in a vase for Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so hopefully you already have your gift ideas planned. If not, as always, we’ve got you covered. Thankfully, it’s cool and romantic to keep it traditional on V-Day — flowers, cards, and candy won’t disappoint. But, as with any holiday, making those traditional gifts stand out a little is always a great idea. That in mind, we gathered a few combinable, affordable suggestions that will definitely make your girl smile!


There’s a lot of truth to that old saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” So, most jewelry shops go all out for Valentine’s Day, not to mention the sales are usually spectacular. We have to say, Zales’ V-Day campaign is the best we’ve seen from a jeweler in a long time. Press play on the clip up top and click here for their specials. There are a ton of options, so be sure to consider your lady’s style and favorite colors before deciding — don’t just cop a beautiful piece, cop some bling you can actually see her in.

The Wife of Creation 

Not only is this a romantic gift, it’s thoughtful. Recommended by R&B icon Ashanti, Wife of Creation products are all about centering your energy and healing the mind, body, and spirit — and after this unbelievable year, what could be more important? Their Essential Body Oil candles (in Lotus and Light Lotus) set the ambience when lit and when melted, make a relaxing oil you can apply to your lady’s skin.

Savage X

You should’ve guessed BadGalRi was going to go hard for Valentine’s Day! In the funny, sweet, and sexy promo clip starring Miguel and Nazanin above, you’ll get a sneak peek at what the Savage X site has to offer this year. And, buy a little something for yourself — Rihanna’s got some sexy picks for the boys, too.

Chocolate, Chocolate, & More Chocolate

If your girl loves sweets, it’s only right you find the nearest Black-owned chocolate factory and surprise her tastebuds. For those in NYC, the Harlem Chocolate Factory is one of a kind, as it’s the only Black-owned chocolate shop, not only in Harlem, but in all of Manhattan. Also worth noting: the store’s most popular items are a play on Harlem’s incredible history. Pretty cool.

Roses That Last

Everybody should spring for flowers on Valentine’s Day — that’s just a given. These adorable teddy bear roses that last a lifetime — yes, a lifetime — will make your girl feel extra special, though. Check them out here.

Cozy & Cute

Last, but not least, we’re still under quarantine so chances are your girl could use some convertible loungewear… you know, comfy options that work at home and outside. Naked Wardrobe is known for its simple, yet ultra sexy, silhouette. Head over to the site and pick out a few pieces you’d like to see your lady in.

Happy Valentine’s Day!