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Black Run Company Xflixit Wants To Give Sex Workers A New Home To Create

Source: XFlixit / XFlixit

Move over OnlyFans. There is another company stepping up to the plate.

On Thursday (Aug.19), OnlyFans sent shockwaves throughout the internet, and social media after officially announcing it would no longer allow “sexually explicit” content, aka porn, on its platform effective October 1, 2021. The news, which Input Mag first broke before OnlyFans confirmed in a statement explaining the decision was made “to protect its partnerships with banks and payment providers.”

As expected, the decision didn’t sit well with social media, especially sex workers, both amateur and professional, who feel the company is leaving them high and dry after making billions off their work and understandably so. OnlyFans responded to the criticism claiming that it is “working around the clock to come up with solutions,” ending its tweet with #SexWorkIsWork.

While OnlyFans is still trying to figure it all out, a new company called Xflixit has emerged and is hoping to give sex workers who feel slighted by OnlyFans a home to share their content and continue to make a hard-earned living. The company is Black run and has a Black CEO running the show.

In a press release, the company wrote:

On the heels of the announcement that OnlyFans will ban explicit content, XFlixit wants to let sex workers know they have a platform providing a premium alternative. The video monetization platform XFlixit launched in 2018 to offer content creators the opportunity to own their content and earn more profit than alternatives like OnlyFans and JustForFans. –XFlixit’s platform is built with all types of content creators and users in mind. 

OnlyFans may be where you started, but the premium content your fans and followers are hungry for needs a new platform. One that lets you and your content stand out from the crowd on your customizable streaming network that includes mobile apps and a website on your domain. XFlixit bundles everything you need to monetize your free and premium content. There are no out-of-pocket expenses and you’ll be up and running with a click of a button.

Here are some of the benefits users can expect:

  • Users receive their website, a simplified user interface, and analytics to their content, all for free.
  • Unlimited Design Possibilities for Your Streaming App and Website!
  • No out-of-pocket costs, and you can launch in minutes.
  • Higher payouts for video views when you monetize with ads.
  • Lower fees when you monetize with subscriptions.
  • you can monetize free content via ads for free

As far as monetization:

  • 99 cents/ per subscriber per month charge under $9.99
  • Example Charge $9.99/ Month for content with 100 subscribers equals $900.00
  • 18%/ per subscriber per month charge $10.00 plus
  • Example Charge $10.00/ Month for content with 100 subscribers equals $982.00

Sounds like a good move to us.

Photo: Xflixit