Check The Tech: Gifts For Wellness Gurus

Check The Tech: Wellness

Source: Cassius Life / iOne Digital

When you hear “tech gifts” you might start thinking about the latest smartphone or maybe a gaming system. But what about if you’re into wellness?

Cassius has you covered with our first episode of Check The Tech, a limited series and a visual gift guide. In the premiere episode, our host, tech venture capitalist Sara Lovestyle, linked up with Madala Mathurin, the founder of Kozen, for some insight into some of his favorite tech items, which just also happen to make excellent gifts. If you don’t know, Kozen is a wellness app created by the engineer that allows professionals to conduct their business (think soundbaths, yoga, etc) anywhere.

“I was like let me build something that empowers wellness professionals to be on a platform in their own communities where they can heal,”  said Mathurin. “Where they can heal others that they care about.”

The products featured in this episode include the Whoop, a recovery-focused fitness tracker, a Stretch Out Strap (that pairs with an app) and the Oura smart ring, a data-collecting wearable.

Watch the full episode above. Be sure to come back and see Check The Tech: Gifts for The Gamer, next week.